Thursday, November 19, 2009

iStethoscope: Use your IPhone, Listen to your Heart - via Peter J. Bentley, the Undercover Scientist

iStethoscope Pro  is an application developed for the iPhone that was developed by Peter J. Bentley, aka The Undercover Scientist, in collaboration with cardiologist researchers.  With a high-quality microphone attached to an iPhone running the iStethoscope app, you can choose from one of several filters to listen to your heart. The choices?   Hearbeat Pure,  a low-pass filter that enhances and clarifies the sound on a 3G iPhone, Hearbeat Filtered, another sound clarifying filter,  Conversation, which makes voices clearer and minimizes/quiets extraneous sounds, Clear Sound, a minimizing filter that enables  hearing of all quiet sounds, and Accelerometer, which translates G forces to audio, so you can hear subsonic vibrations.

What I liked best about the iStethoscope Pro?   If you shake your iPhone, you can listen to the last 8 seconds of recorded heart sounds and watch the screen display your heart's spectogram and phonocardiograph.

The best part?   This might be a useful tool for health care reform.   You can email the audio recording of your heart by a simple click of an icon and send your data directly to your doctor.

(The iStethoscope has the potential for many other uses, for those of you with curiosity and imagination.)

I haven't yet tried this application, so I'm sharing the video tutorials below:

Learning to use iStehoscope Pro:

Placing the microphone:


Showing the spectogram:

Email function:

Changing iStethoscope filter and spectogram settings:

Changing audio mode settings:

iStethoscope help images:


iStethoscope Information 

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Information regarding the skills required to effectively use a stethoscope and understand what is heard.

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