Sunday, April 5, 2009

Welcome to my new "filing-cabinet" blog, Wellness and Health Technology!

Why another blog?

My father has experienced a variety of health problems over the past two-three years, and has been in a hospital setting over a month. This experience has open my eyes. Watching all of the people who have cared for my father battle with unusable technology in one form or another has been a very frustrating experience.

In my opinion, there is an urgent need for more user-centered, efficient IT solutions. These solutions go beyond hardware, devices, networks, and applications. Modeling the concept of "systems of care", there needs to be a transformation from the "silo" approach to health care (health care by body part) approach to a collaborative systems approach.

Any technology that impacts health and wellness, including electronic medical records, should developed with input from all stakeholders - medical professionals, support staff, patients, family members of patients, and the wider circle of people and that make up communities of wellness and care.

Why should a school psychologist be concerned with health-care IT/technology?

I returned to school a few years ago to take computer classes, and developed an interest in human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, information visualization, and games, especially serious games used for health, mental health, prevention, wellness, and social skills development. It is important to me to keep up with new applications and technologies.

With the new economic stimulus plan, there will be more money available for health IT, and I am afraid that it won't be a pretty sight we ignore user-centered design principles and put usability studies on the back burner in the rush to get things moving forward.

As a school psychologist, I serve a wide range of students. In addition to my work in a high school, I work students who have multiple special needs (medically fragile, severe autism, significant cognitive delays, traumatic brain injury, etc. ).

I spend quite a bit of time consulting with teachers and collaborating with school nurses and special education/related services professionals such as other psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. One of our biggest problems is the way IT is implemented in the public school setting.

The state of affairs in the electronic student & educational records arena is sad. Issues that impact health care IT are similar to those that impact education & special education IT. I hope to write about these issues share successes, and discuss potential solutions on my new blog.


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"Clinical Groupware is a departure from the client-server and physician-centric EHR technology of the past 25 years, a fixed database technology that never really became popular. It is a substantially new and disruptive technology that offers lower price of purchase and use, greater convenience, and is capable of being used by less skilled customers across a broader range of settings than the technology it replaces.


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