Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Health 2.0 Meets Ix: Conference & Related Resources

The 2009 Health 2.0 Meets Ix Conference is underway in Boston.

With the growth of social networking, electronic medical/health records, and emerging technologies, there has been a growing interest among medical and IT professionals and the public to participate in the discussion about the future of health care.

Health 2.0 Conference FAQ

I haven't learned all there is to know about Health 2.0 and Ix (Information Therapy), so I'll post more information over time. Here is a start:

hellohealth is a new system that provides access to doctors in person as well as on-line. The hellohealth offices are located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and West Village, New York. "We're a revolutionary new experience with your neighborhood doctor. We mix office and online visits to give you personal attention when and how you want it.
" The IT behind hellohealth is Myca Health Inc.

"Myca is the power behind a revolution in health care. We positively impact the relationships between health care experts and their patients by pairing the latest in communication technology with brands that consumers can trust. Transforming the health care experience is the focus of our technology, our businesses, and our company."

Below is a video of Jay Parkinson, CMO of Myca/hellohealth, discussing electronic medical records and his ideas of how medical practice can be transformed:

Jay Parkinson, Hello Health from Health 2.0 on Vimeo.

Health 2.0 Accelerator

Center for Information Therapy

"Information Therapy (Ix®) is the timely prescription and availability of evidence-based health information to meet individuals' specific needs and support sound decision making. Ix prescriptions are specifically targeted to an individual's needs at a particular moment in care and are delivered as part of the process of care."

"Mission: To advance the practice and science of prescribing and using information to improve people's health."

"Vision: A future in which every health decision is informed."

"Online Records Get Patients Involved in Care" Wall Street Journal, 3/18/09


Interesting Posts by ePatient Dave:

Regarding Google Health

"Yes, ladies and germs, it transmitted
everything I’ve ever had. With almost no dates attached...the system transmitted insurance billing codes to Google Health, not doctors’ diagnoses. And as those in the know are well aware, in our system today, insurance billing codes bear no resemblance to reality."

"I'm putting my data in Google and Health Vault"

"Imagine someone had been managing your data, and then you looked." (4/1/09) (Be sure to read all of the comments.)

Note: I "lifted" the following links to companies involved in the Health 2.0 Conference for convenience. I did not accept a fee for doing so.


Kaiser Permanente


A.D.A.M.American WellPhilipshello healthMicrosoft Health Vault


Deep Dive



HealthwiseCalifornia HealthCare Foundation


RelayHealthElizaMSD HealthcareODPHP


NaviNetiGetBetterMedullanPharmaSurveyorRelief In SitePhreesiaProject HealthDesignRobert Wood Johnson FoundationAmericare Services/Call MDHealth Buddy

Media Partner

Health AffairsPharmacy TimesHCPLiveHIT NewsMass Technology Leadership CouncilIcyouEHealthInitative

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